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condensator studio microfoon  (Rode)

Rode NT55

condensator studio microfoon

De NT55 is een zeer compacte condensator microfoon geschikt voor vdiverse doeleinden. Het elektronische circuit van de NT55 omvat een drie standen instelbaar variabele PAD van 0dB, -10dB of 20dB.
De NT55 wordt geleverd met twee verschillende condensator capsules, cardioid en omni.

- akoestisch principe: pressure grandient
- opnamepatroon: twee posities: cardioid en omni
- frequentie bereik 20Hz - 20kHz (inclusief instelbaar Highpass filter)
- maximale SPL 136dB (bij 1kHz, 1% THD in1k ohm load)
- gewicht: 110 g
- afmetingen: 145 x 20 x 20 mm

Wordt geleverd inclusief opbergblik, microfoonklem en omnidirectionele capsule.
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€ 250.00

instrument microfoon, condensator (AKG)


instrument microfoon, condensator

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€ 229.00

Condensator Instrument Microfoon (Shure)

Shure SM137

Condensator Instrument Microfoon

- Ultra-thin diaphragm for smooth high end and tight, controlled low end
- 15dB pad for performance consistency across a wider range of high SPL sources
- Low self-noise and transformerless preamplifier circuitry
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€ 199.00

Kleinmembraam condensatormicrofoon (Sennheiser)

Sennheiser E 914

Kleinmembraam condensatormicrofoon

Deze E914 microfoon is geschikt voor zowel het opnemen als live uitversterken van instrumenten, zoals bijv. piano's, akoestische gitaren, cymbals, overhead en percussie!
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€ 389.00

Output Stage, Nextel black (Neumann)

Neumann KM A (nx)

Output Stage, Nextel black

The Neumann KM A Output Stage is the analog output section for use with Neumann KK series microphone capsules. The KM A analog output stage with P48 phantom power has a switch for pre-attenuation of 10 dB. The microphones can thus handle levels of up to 152 dB (depending on the capsule type).

The dimensions (diameter 22 mm, length 93 mm) of the analog and digital output stages are identical. As a result, all accessories can be used in combination with both output stages.
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€ 669.00

Capsule head, figure 8, Nextel black  (Neumann)

Neumann KK 120 (nx)

Capsule head, figure 8, Nextel black

KK 120 capsule heads are part of the variable miniature microphone system. Together with the KM D (nx) or KM A (nx) output stages, the KK 120 capsule heads form a complete microphone. KK 120 (nx) + KM A (nx) = KM 120 A (nx).

KK 120 is a pressure gradient transducer with figure-8 characteristic, side-fire, realized with a single diaphragm. The diaphragm diameter is just 16 mm. All sound field components reach the diaphragm directly. This results in identical frequency response curves and output levels at 0° and 180° sound incidence.

Corresponding accessories allow combining the KK 120 with other active capsules or microphones to obtain an MS-Stereo setup.
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€ 1,199.00

super-cardioide microfoon, zwart (Neumann)

Neumann KM 185 - zwart

super-cardioide microfoon, zwart

The "Series 180" consists of three compact miniature microphones with patterns that satisfy the demands of all common studio applications.
Because of its optimized mechanical construction and conscious omission of modularity, which is unnecessary in many cases, the "Series 180" is predestined for economy-minded production and home recording studios.

The KM 183 omnidirectional and KM 185 hypercardioid microphones are based on the tremendously successful KM 184 cardioid microphone, which has become a standard within the global studio community in just a very short time. All "Series 180" microphones are available with either matte black or nickel finish.

- Three different miniature microphones for all typical studio applications
- Successor of the worldwide successful KM 83/84
- Transformerless circuitry
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€ 629.00

FET Pencil Microphone (Cardioid), 1x SSM Shockmount, extra OMNI & Hyper capsules & Wooden Mic Box (Avantone)

Avantone CK-1

FET Pencil Microphone (Cardioid), 1x SSM Shockmount, extra OMNI & Hyper capsules & Wooden Mic Box

Avantone CK-1 Small Capsule FET Pencil Microphone.

- A true condenser microphone with 3x capsules (Cardioid, Hyper-cardioid & Omni polar patterns)
- Frequency response: 25Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB)
- 138dB maximum SPL
- 80Hz hi-pass switch (6dB/octave)
- -/-10dB attenuation switch
- Requires 48V phantom power!
- Dimensions: 23 x 153mm.

Included accessories: 3x capsules, Padded wooden box & SSM shockmount.
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€ 159.00

Super-cardioid condenser microphone for instruments and cymbals    (Sennheiser)

Sennheiser E 614

Super-cardioid condenser microphone for instruments and cymbals

The super-cardioid e 614 is a permantly polarized condenser microphone designed for demanding applications which require a wide frequency response, high SPL, fast transient response and a compact design.  With its frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz, the e 614 is able to capture the full sound of the instrument, while its super-cardioid pick-up pattern isolates the microphone from other on-stage signals. 
An excellent microphone for percussion instruments, the e 614 is also an ideal choice for woodwind and string instruments.  Its excellent acoustic properties also make it a valuable tool for home recording.
Rugged design Effective rejection of incidental rear noise Excellent directivity across the whole frequency range Full, natural sound High maximum sound pressure level
Wide frequency response
Delivery Includes
Microphone pouch
Microphone clip MZQ 100


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€ 199.00

Instrumenten microfoon (Audio Technica)

Audio Technica AE5100

Instrumenten microfoon

The Artist Elite AE5100 large diaphragm cardioid condenser instrument microphone provides uncompromising sound quality for overheads, percussion, acoustic guitar, strings and other acoustic instruments. With rich, warm, accurate sound, the AE5100 also incorporates the most essential ingredients for quality live sound in a choir microphone. Its large-diaphragm capsule delivers accurate, natural response, while its low-profile design permits innovative placement options. With a lower profile than the large studio microphones to which it compares sonically, the AE5100 offers an outstanding performance-to-size ratio. With its low noise and smooth response, the AE5100 is ideal for recording, too.

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€ 299.00

Small-diaphragm Microfoons