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Fresnell lamp

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PHILIPS  G22 230V 1000W  (Philips)

Philips 80802P

PHILIPS G22 230V 1000W

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€ 34.00

GE  GY 9.5    230V   500W    A1/244   (GE)

GE 80701G

GE GY 9.5 230V 500W A1/244

Type: A1/244
Voltage: 240V
Watt: 500W
Lifetime/H: 50
Box Quant.: 50
Socket: GY9,5
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€ 14.95

Lamp, GX 9.5, 230V, 1000W  T19  6996P  (80755P) (Philips)

Philips 6996P 1000W 230V

Lamp, GX 9.5, 230V, 1000W T19 6996P (80755P)

Colour Temp.: 3050K
Type: T/19(T/11)6996P
Lumen: 21000
Voltage: 230V
Watt: 1000W
Lifetime/H: 900
Box Quant.: 10
Length: 110 mm
Diameter: 28 mm
Burning pos.: Any
Socket: GX9,5
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€ 22.50

ELED Fresnel (Elation)

Elation ELED Fresnel 150

ELED Fresnel

The ELED Fresnel Series brings all the advantages of Light Emitting Diodes into Stage Lighting. Featuring a 150W LED light source and amazing zoom range it offers reliable, easy and cost saving lighting in Clubs, Theaters, Schools and Churches as well as at exhibitions, trade fairs and at commercial applications. Imagine a “unbreakable” light source and ultra low heat development (compared to conventional halogen lights), full DMX control, and improved zoom capabilities. There is no need for running thick power multicores, installing expensive dimmer racks and high-power current supply anymore while at the same time expiring the whole advantage of LED based lighting.

. 150W LED Warm White Light Source
. Barn doors included
. Filter frame included
. Strobe: Strobe effect (1-18 flashes per second)
. Dimmer: 0- 100% Smooth Dimming via DMX
. Flicker Free
Light Source
. Lux: 979 Lux / 91 FC at 10’ / 3M at full
. Lamp: 1 x 150 Watt Bridgelux LED
. Lamp Life: 150W, 4,000K, 50,000 hrs. life
Optical System
. 10° to 50° manual zoom
. DMX Channels: 3 DMX Modes: 1 Channel mode, 2 Channel Mode - Mode 1 & Mode 2
. LED Menu Display
. Internal DMX control for dimmer/strobe
. Silent Fan Cooling
. On Board Control
. Stand Alone
Operation Parameters
. IP Rating: IP 20
. Rigging: Single Yoke Bracket / safety and data cable optional
Power Supply
. Power Supply: Electronic, multi-voltage 120v-240V 50/60hz
. Power Consumption: 150W max
. 5 pin XLR data input & output
. Cable / Plug Type: IEC 120v US
Dimensions and Weight
. Dimensions: (LxWxH) 10.75" x 7.75" x 15" / 270 x 195 x 380mm
. Weight: 16.68 kgs / 37 lbs
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€ 719.00

Fresnell lamp