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microfoonvoorversterker, buizen
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microfoonvoorversterker, buizen
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Product information

The EN-VOICE story
In November 1998, a dream harbored by many musicians became reality with the EN-VOICE - goodbye demo quality sound, hello professional soundingrecordings, achievable and affordable by all. When we set out to develop the EN-VOICE, we did so with a lofty goal in mind – to build a better product offering higher sound quality and affording greater ease of use. And because better products arethe product of inspiration and innovation rather than imitation, we aspired to create an original. The EN-VOICE was that original, an entirely new breed of device that made the outboard channel strip a mainstay of home recording. Often copied yet never matched, this workhorse recording preamp delivers the sonic goods in thousands of studios all over the world. After five years of trusty service, the origin EN-VOICE has been adapted to the working habits and requirements of a rapidly evolving recording market. In the age of the laptop, the modern producer not only wants awesome sound - he wants flexibility and capability in a mobile, all-in-one package. Though much has changed, our ambitions have remained the same. In our quest to build a better product, we aimed high, setting our sights on enhancing the sound quality, improving the ease of use, and offering even greater flexibility, mobility, and security. Enter the EN-VOICE MK II - another original with features that the world has never seen in a tube-powered channel strip.
The input makes it all

The difference in audio quality between an average project studio and a top-flight pro studio hinges primarily on the quality of the physical inputs. Only a premium input channel is able to exploit the full sonic potential of a signal. The EN-VOICE gives you the tools that you need to ready signals for recording. Its high-quality microphone preamplifier lets you bring a vocal or instrument signal up to the right recording level, while its EQ lets you determine precisely which frequencies end up on your recorded tracks. The compressor ensures that your gear captures all the sonic details and that your tracks pack a powerful punch. The optional DI-MOD converter modules conveniently provide you with an interface that opens the door to digital environments.
Independence day

The EN-VOICE MK II is the first channel strip that is a true match for laptops in terms of both the sonic quality and mobility. Road-ready courtesy of its USB port and automatic switched-mode power supply, it goes where you go, operating reliably when you get there. Though the USB interface is now commonplace, unfortunately no USB interface to date has been able to render the same loss-free sonic quality as the EN-VOICE MK II. Thanks to some pioneering engineering, this problem has been solved with the optional DI-MOD USB.
A further stride toward total independence is the automatic switched-mode power supply, which frees the EN-VOICE MK II from the constraints of local mains voltage and protects it against fluctuating current and power surges. The combination of a tube-driven preamp with an onboard digital interface and a switched mode power supply transforms the EN-VOICE MK II from a reliable tool into a very personal instrument, totally independent of operating voltage and computer interface. Wherever you go, it goes with you, giving your creativity free rein. Everywhere, all the time - even on a trip around the globe.