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popkiller / soundfilter voor mic. (zwart) (K&M)

K&M 23956-000-55

popkiller / soundfilter voor mic. (zwart)

- Goose neck diameter: 8 mm
- Goose neck length: 330 mm
- Material: steel
- Screw-on to: tube diameter up to 30 mm
- Shield diameter: 130 mm
- Special features: double nylon screen with plastic frame
- Type: black
- Weight: 0.22 kg
Op voorraad: Levertijd maximaal 3 werkdagen!
€ 23.50

Popkiller / Soundfilter voor mic. (zwart), Large! dia: 20 cm (K&M)

K&M 23966-000-55

Popkiller / Soundfilter voor mic. (zwart), Large! dia: 20 cm

The large Popkiller for modern studio engineering. The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording. The Popkiller with flexible gooseneck can be screwed to all standard microphone stands (rod diameter max. 23 mm).
Wt: 0.19 kg, gooseneck length: 330 mm, gooseneck diameter: 8 mm, screen diameter: 200 mm.
Leverbaar in 2 weken.
€ 32.00

popscreen, 15 cm (Neumann)

Neumann PS15

popscreen, 15 cm

Pop screens provide excellent suppression of so-called pop noise, such as "p" or "t". They consist of a round, thin frame covered with black gauze on both sides. A gooseneck of about 30 cm (12") in length is mounted at the popshield. It will be attached to microphone stands by means of a clamp with a knurled screw.

The frame is 15 cm in diameter.
Snel leverbaar binnen 4 werkdagen.
€ 85.00

Popfilters - Windscreens