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Tube Microphone pre-amp, V1 (Art)

Art Tube MP

Tube Microphone pre-amp, V1

The Tube MP is the world’s most popular external tube microphone preamp. Whether you’re working with a digital, computer or analog recording system, the Tube MP’s TEC award nominated design will allow you to obtain professional recording studio results at a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment. The hybrid design of the Tube MP allows it to add warmth and fatness to a signal while maintaining exceptionally low-noise and high quality. While its primary application is to be used with a microphone, the Tube MP is an exceptional direct box - impedance matching, amplifying and improving the sound of any instrument plugged into it.

The usage of external mic/line preamps has become increasingly popular over the past several years. The Tube MP offers superior performance and sound quality to the “on-board” preamps found in today’s low-cost mixers and multi-trackers. It’s sound has been consistently favored over other products costing upwards to ten-times its price. Professional quality sound combined with professional features like: a hand-selected 12AX7a tube, phantom power and phase reverse are what have made the Tube MP a staple in thousands of studios worldwide. For a minimal investment, a Tube MP can provide the single largest improvement to the sound of your studio

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€ 49.00

Channel Strip, met buis en digitale uitgang (DBX)

DBX 376 occasion

Channel Strip, met buis en digitale uitgang

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL! The standard of excellence for channel strip processors has just been raised once again. From the world leader in digital signal processing comes the new 376 Tube Channel Processor with digital output capabilities. dbx® Professional Products has been paving the way for audio excellence for more than 25 years, and with the creation of the 376, the drive continues. The 376 has taken the essential tools needed for channel strip processors and has greatly added to the feature list, making it an all inclusive toolbox that offers all of the effects required. With an effect menu list that includes such standard features as: a tube preamp section, 3-Band parametric EQ section, Compressor, De-Esser and digital outputs, the 376 is the perfect companion piece for recording and tracking vocals and mic’d applications in the analog and digital domain.
The 376 Tube Channel Strip w/Digital Output is the latest addition to the Silver Series family. The 376 puts the best of both worlds into one affordable package by combining the warmth of the vacuum tube, with the proprietary dbx Type IV® conversion system. The 376 boasts many of the same features as other products in the Silver Series, such as +48V phantom power, a phase invert switch, and low cut filtering. In addition, the 376 also offers digital output capabilities in both AES/EBU, and S/PDIF formats as standard features. The high impedance, 1/4" instrument input located on the front panel, as well as the mic/line switch, and 20 dB pad show our dedication to providing convenience in the studio. The LED meters provide a clear and concise visual of the signal processing at a glance. The rear panel includes both mic and line inputs and outputs, word clock sync input and output, insertion jack and digital outputs. Add selectable sampling rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, or 96 kHz; selectable dithering and noise shaping; and separate analog and digital output controls to this already impressive list of features, and we think you’ll agree that the 376 lives up to the uncompromising standards of dbx Professional Products.

-Tube microphone pre-amp
- 200V tube plate voltage
- Selectable mic/line switch
- +48 Volt phantom power
- 3-Band Parametric EQ
- Compressor
- De-Esser
- Front panel instrument input
- Drive meter LEDs
- Threshold and De-Esser meters
- 8 segment analog or digital meter
- Type IV® conversion system
- Selectable sampling rate (96, 88.2, 48, 44.1kHz)
- 24, 20 and 16 bit wordlengths
- AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs
- Selectable dither and noise-shaping algorithms
- Word clock sync input and output
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€ 350.00

professionele voice processor (Symetrix)

Symetrix 528E

professionele voice processor

Complete analog channel strip with six (6) key functions: microphone preamplification, de-essing (sibilance removal), compression/limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and voice symmetry alignment.

This complete analog channel strip performs six separate functions: microphone preamplification, de-essing (sibilance removal), compression/limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and voice symmetry alignment. All six processes may be used simultaneously. Although we call the 528E a "Voice Processor", it is perfectly suitable for any mic- or line-level source. Revered as the choice for broadcast voices and known as the classic "one channel console" by recording studios, the 528E delivers all the control you need, without the cost or complication of separate units. Each function has a full complement of controls in an easy-to-use layout. The 528E works with any professional microphone. Mic preamp gain is variable up to 60 dB, and 48 volt phantom power is provided for condenser mics. A switchable 15 dB pad reduces gain in front of the mic preamp to prevent distortion in super-close micing situations. A front panel switch selects between microphone or line input. Both inputs are transformerless and are equipped with filters to prevent radio frequency interference (RFI). The de-esser senses and regulates selectable high frequencies to reduce or eliminate annoying sibilance and "lip smacking." Symetrix' program-controlled Integrated Dynamics Processing (IDP) techniques combine the best attributes of compressor/limiters and downward expanders. The compressor/limiter maintains uniform levels while the downward expander eliminates "pumping," "breathing," and noise build up. Because it's program controlled, the 528E's dynamic range processor responds quickly to transients, and gently to smaller level changes. Separate LED meters display mic/input gain and gain reduction, for quick and accurate adjustment of dynamics functions. The three band parametric EQ performs both creative enhancement and corrective (eliminating resonances and interference) operations, with bandwidth variable from 0.3 octave to 4 octaves, 15 dB boost/cut, and overlapping frequency ranges. A unique "leap frog" topology minimizes the number of amplifiers in the signal path while ensuring that each frequency band interacts with its neighbor in a desirable and musical fashion. The Voice Symmetry switch corrects for excessive positive or negative signal peaks of the human voice. Get the same processing power found in an entire recording studio signal chain with the 528E Voice Processor from Symetrix, the engineering-driven company of signal processing specialists.
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€ 1,099.00

4-Kanaals Microfoon Voorversterker (RME)

RME QuadMic II

4-Kanaals Microfoon Voorversterker

Deze professionele RME Quadmic II voorversterker heeft vier gebalanceerde microfoon- / lijningangen via een gecombineerde Neutrik XLR/TRS ingang. Ieder kanaal is voorzien van een eigen 48V fantoom schakelaar, een Low-cut filter en een fase omkering.

Zoek je een professionele, transparante mic. uitbreiding voor je studio setup? Dan is deze Quad Mic een perfecte keuze!
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€ 599.00

Stereo pulsvormer (Elysia)

Elysia nvelope 500

Stereo pulsvormer

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€ 769.00

Stereo-equalizer (Elysia)

Elysia xfilter 500


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€ 777.00

8-kanaals microfoon voorversterker (RME)

RME OctaMic II

8-kanaals microfoon voorversterker

8 channel 24bit/192kHz A/D convertor with 8 mic/line inputs (XLR/jack).

Features significant enhancements over thomann the original OctaMic: balanced TRS inputs are phantom power free for line level input, improved design of the input circuits allows for a maximum input level of +21dBu with gain range from 6dB up to 60dB, improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) ADC 107.5dB, improved THD (especially at higher gains) and optimised heat dissipation.
Internal wide range power supply with line filter (insensitive to voltage fluctuations).

- 8x balanced line outputs (1/4" jack)
- 2x ADAT output (S/MUX up to 96kHz)
- 4x AES/EBU outputs (D-sub up to 192kHz) and 1x AES/SPDIF sync input.
- Phase, lo-cut and phantom power switches on each channel.
- Clip hold memory.
- Dimensions: 19" x 1HE
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€ 1,379.00

Microphone preamplifier (+48V) met compressor (Rupert Neve Designs)

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5015

Microphone preamplifier (+48V) met compressor

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€ 1,599.00

microfoon pre-amp / channelstrip (DBX)

DBX 286S

microfoon pre-amp / channelstrip

The dbx® 286s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination. Why mic up vocals and instruments through a noisy, blurry mixer? The sonically pristine dbx 286s Mic Preamp has all the features you need, including wide-ranging input gain control, switchable +48V phantom power, and an 80Hz high-pass filter to remove low frequency hum, rumble or wind. Use the patented dbx OverEasy® compressor to transparently smooth out uneven acoustic tracks or deliver that classic "in your face" vocal performance that only a dbx compressor can. Eliminate vocal sibilance and high frequency distortion from instruments such as cymbals with the frequency tunable De-Esser. Fine-tune the Enhancer HF Detail control to add sparkle and crispness to your tracks and make adjustments to the LF Detail control to add fullness and depth to vocals and bass instruments while cleaning up the muddy low midrange frequencies. And, the separate threshold and ratio controls on the Expander/Gate allow you to subtly reduce headphone leakage or radically gate noisy guitar amps.

The dbx 286s offers a full compliment of metering and status LEDs to visually guide you to achieving the right sound. The floating balanced XLR Mic Input accepts balanced or unbalanced inputs to easily connect to professional and home studio microphones. The additional 1/4" TRS Line Input can accept balanced/unbalanced signals to process live electronic instruments or pre-recorded tracks at mixdown. Use the Insert jack to interface between the Mic Preamp and the signal processing sections to "loop out" to external processors (such as EQ or delay unit) or to mix the Mic Preamp's signal out to an external destination.

The cost and hassle of patching together multiple processors for use on one track can be frustrating. The dbx 286s provides you with all the mic processing you need in one box, with the shortest, cleanest signal path to keep your music sounding its best!
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€ 179.00

Classic Single-channel Microphone Pre-amplifier with Independent D.I. (Focusrite)

Focusrite ISA One

Classic Single-channel Microphone Pre-amplifier with Independent D.I.

The ‘ISA One’ microphone pre-amplifier delivers Focusrite's prestigious ISA transformer-based pre-amp in a rugged and portable chassis, at a groundbreaking price.

ISA One features the classic vintage microphone pre-amplifier topology from the original ISA110 module, including the Lundahl L1538 transformer and bespoke zobel network. (The original 110 pre amp formed the cornerstone of each channel of Focusrite's legendary Forte console.)

The pre-amp is complemented by a line input (XLR and TRS Jack) and an independent D.I. channel, complete with dedicated gain control, active or passive impedance switch, a TRS Jack output for routing to an amp and an independent XLR output on the rear. This flexible independent D.I. makes the ISA One ideal both for engineers wishing to blend a D.I.’d guitar signal with a mic’d guitar cabinet, and for demanding performers who require a single classic solution for both guitar and vocals.

A variable impedance circuit has been added, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings. In addition to the original ISA110 impedance, three further impedance settings allow perfect matching, or creative mismatching of the pre amp with any microphone. ISA One also features an insert point, should the need arise to place extra processing between the pre amp or D.I. and the optional converter. Phantom power, phase reverse and a 75Hz, 18dB/octave high-pass filter are also available from the angled front fascia.

Independent input metering for both channels is provided in the form of a moving coil VU meter with variable calibration to suit analogue and digital recording media, alongside two six-LED peak meters; inputs can be metered either pre- or post-insert. The meter calibrations utilise all the same reference points as Digidesign's Pro Tools HD system, allowing effortless line-up.

ISA One’s headphone output features a dedicated volume control, which delivers an external stereo cue mix, (a simple click track, or a stereo mix feed from an interface or a live console,) fed to the headphones via two TRS jack inputs on the rear of the unit.

An optional state-of-the-art stereo A-D converter is also available (the same card as used with the ISA430 Mk II), embodying cutting-edge conversion technology seated within Focusrite’s custom analogue circuitry. This optional card can be retrofitted at any time and provides two channels of 24 bit/192kHz A-D conversion with a dynamic range of 119dB.


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€ 529.00

Dual Microphone Preamplifier (Audient)

Audient MiCO

Dual Microphone Preamplifier

Mico is een compacte en met vele interessante features uitgeruste nieuwe microfoonvoorversterker van Audient.

Op basis van de legendarische class-A techniek, die ook reeds in de ASP008 en ASP8024 console voor hun buitengewone transparantie en helderheid gewaardeerd wordt, biedt Mico bijkomend enkele interessante nieuwe features. Zo beschikt kanaal 1 over de HMX-klankvorming, die in de Black Serie voor het eerst voorgesteld werd. HMX brengt met maar één draaiknop het volledige gamma aan vintage-style sounds, die geen wensen meer open laten. En kanaal 2 biedt met variphase een ideale tool, om faseproblemen bij microfonering van een geluidsbron met 2 microfoons te ontwijken. Last but not least, beschikt de Mico over een hoogwaardige AD-converter met AES/EBU en SPDIF in de formaten Toslink en coaxiaal.

Eigenschappen van de Audient Mico:

- 2-voudige ASP008 discrete class A mic pre-amps
- HMX schakeling voor rijke boventoonvorming
- Variphase
- SPDIF & AES/EBU output
- Toslink & coax
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€ 599.00

Mic and Line Module (Summit Audio)

Summit Audio 2BA-221

Mic and Line Module

Introducing the extraordinary 2BA-221 Mic and Line Module, featuring our remarkable continuously variable impedance microphone preamp. With microphone level, line level, and Hi-Z instrument inputs, the 2BA-221 utilizes separate and individually controlled solid state input controls to mix the microphone input with the Hi-Z or line input into the variable vacuum tube output. Using the variable mic impedance and variable solid state and tube stages gives you unprecedented sonic control of anything you throw at it, be it mic level, line level, or instrument level.

Specifications for 2BA-221:
- Input Impedance:
- Mic: 100- 10k ohms
- Hi-Z: 47K ohms
- Output impedance (XLR): 120 ohms
- Max input level:
- Mic: -16dBu
- Line: 22dBu
- Hi-Z: 15dBu
- Max output level (XLR): 25dBu
- Max gain: 75dB
- Equivalent input noise: -135dB average 10Hz-20kHz
- Frequency response: 10Hz- 50kHz (-1dB)
- Signal to noise ratio: 115dB average 10Hz- 20kHz
- THD + Noise: 0.055%, -32dB in +4dB out, 1 kHz
- Vacuum tubes: 12AX7A
- Dimensions: 8.5x8.5x1.75
- Weight: 5 lbs
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€ 599.00

Classic Dual Mono Transformer-based Microphone Preamplifier  (Focusrite)

Focusrite ISA Two

Classic Dual Mono Transformer-based Microphone Preamplifier

You may only need a couple of mic preamps, but they need to be the very best. The ISA Two dual-mono mic pre is the ideal solution: two independent channels of the highest quality classic Focusrite mic pres, with line in and front-panel instrument inputs – no DI box required. Based on the legendary designs found in the Focusrite Forte and Studio Consoles, ISA Two is the ideal front-end for your rack.

Superb sound spanning four different decades:
Focusrite’s microphone preamplifiers go back to the original Focusrite ISA 110 modules, when Rupert Neve was commissioned by George Martin in 1985 to create a no-compromise channel strip for his Neve console. Combining the very best solid-state electronics with transformer coupling, Focusrite mic pres have played a key part in the recording of hundreds of hit records and they’re the choice of leading artists, producers and engineers around the world.

Lundahl Transformers:
At the heart of the ISA Two is a pair of Lundahl LL1538 transformers. ISA products have relied on Lundahl from the beginning, since their components were originally specified in 1985. The LL1538 features a 3-section winding, resulting in very low leakage inductance and, as a result, an extended frequency response. They’re encapsulated in mu-metal cans to shield them from stray magnetism.

Variable input impedance and up to 80 dB of gain:
ISA Two features two classic Focusrite mic preamps, with four impedance settings including the original ISA 110 setting. Variable input impedance allows you to go for an accurate, transparent sound or choose to highlight the character of your favourite vintage mic – and anywhere in between. With up to 80 dB of low-noise gain, ISA Two can perform in the most demanding situations - really bringing your ribbon, condenser or moving coil mics to life.

Insert your choice of processors
Each channel has a fully-balanced insert point accessed via TRS sockets on the rear panel and activated with a front-panel button, so it’s easy to use outboard processors with the ISA Two. Just plug in your choice of EQ, compressor or limiter.
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€ 899.00

Mono Mic Pre-Amp / Pure Class A Preamplifier (Avalon)

Avalon M5

Mono Mic Pre-Amp / Pure Class A Preamplifier

De M5 biedt een microfooningang en een High-Z ingang in een 9,5ö roestvrijstalen behuizing. De ingangsversterking bedraagt +64 dB, regelbaar in stapjes van 2 dB. Naast de schakelbare fantoomvoeding en fasedraaier bezit hij een schakelbaar highpass filter met regelbare kantelfrequentie, een 20 dB Pad schakelaar, een grote Level VU meter en Power- en Signal-LED´s. De Avalon M5 heeft een externe netspanningsadaptor en is geheel met geselecteerde componenten gebouwd, zoals bijvoorbeeld gekapselde zilveren relais voor alle schakelaren in de signaalweg. De Avalon M5 Pure Class A microfoonvoorversterker is een van de muzikaalste, minst ruisende voorversterker die er op dit moment te verkrijgen zijn. Ontworpen om de absolute integriteit van het signaal en de muzikale performance te bewaren, combineert de M5 een verbeterde, trafo-symmetrische ingangstrap met ôtwin high performance Class-A Cascade FET`s en bipolaire, discrete versterkers voor een absolute top-klankkwaliteit.

De M5 is ideaal voor vocals en akoestische instrumenten alsmede als actieve DI Box voor het directe signaal van bassen, gitaren en keyboards.
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€ 1,499.00

Professional Channel Strip (Grace Design)

Grace Design M103

Professional Channel Strip

Op veler verzoek heeft Grace Design gehoor gegeven aan de vraag of zij op basis van hun gewaardeerde m101 pre-amp, een voice channel wilden maken. Dat klinkt eenvoudig maar wanneer zo'n product de naam Grace Design draagt kun je bepaald niet over een nacht ijs gaan.

De uitdaging: maak een hoogwaardige Mic-pre/EQ/Compressor voor een zeer concurrerende prijs. Geen eenvoudige opgave maar het is Grace Design gelukt. Qua features kom je aan de m103 niets tekort, getuige het frontpaneel waar maar weinig ruimte onbenut is gelaten. Intern is alles gedaan om dit product zo open en smooth mogelijk te laten klinken. Het elektronisch circuit na de microfooninput is volledig DC gekoppeld wat wil zeggen dat er zich geen condensatoren in het audiopad bevinden. Kenners weten dat dit van groot belang is voor een transparant geluid. De 3-band equalizer is ontworpen volgens het "single stage parallel tuning architecture" principe. Hierdoor blijft het audiopad uiterst kort en ontstaat een natuurlijke toonbalans over de gehele frequentieband. Ook aan de optische compressor is veel aandacht besteed. Zowel bij lichte limiting als bij heftige compressie blijft de klank neutraal en transparant.

Interessante extra's: Rotary Gain switch (dus geen potmeter), ribbon input, EQ/Comp-Comp/EQ switch, high quality instrument input en een zeer gelikt uiterlijk.
Leverbaar in 2 weken.
€ 1,595.00

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