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Engl Powerball II Head E 645/II

4 Channel All Tube Head, 100 Watt, Class A/B, 6L6 Tubes
Article nr.: 51788
4 Channel All Tube Head, 100 Watt, Class A/B, 6L6 Tubes
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Product information


Front panel new features:
-• 4 Gain control knobs: Clean Gain-1, Crunch Gain-2, Lead Gain-3 and Lead Gain-4
-• 2 Bottom sound switches, one for Lead-Channel 3 and another one for Lead-Channel 4
-• Middle-boosted switching (affects all 4 channels) via front panel button or via footswitch
-•Electronic Power tube monitoring system (P.T.M.) with LED indication (new version)

Front panel common features:
-• 4 channels: Clean-Channel 1, Crunch-Channel 2, Lead-Channel 3 and Lead-Channel 4
-• 4 Volume control knobs: Clean Vol.-1, Crunch Vol.-2, Lead Vol.-3 and Lead Vol.-4
-• Bright and Bottom sound switches for Clean and Crunch
-• EQ system Clean and Crunch: Bass, Middle, Treble-Clean, Treble-Crunch
-• EQ system Lead-Channel 3 and Lead-Channel 4: Bass, Middle or Middle-boosted, Treble
-• Channel switching via two front panel buttons or via footswitch
-• Master A and B controls for different output volume settings
-• Presence and Depth Punch controls in the poweramp stage
-• Stand By switch

Rear panel new features:
-• ENGL S.A.C. Port to accept the Custom Footpedal Z-9 (more options)
-• Noise Gate (including threshold control) can now be activated via footswitch (On/Off)
-• F.X. Loop Send & Return with Balance control now switchable via footswitch (On/Off)

Rear panel common features:
-• 3 x 1/4" Stereo jacks for connecting three Z-4 footpedals or a MIDI switching system
-such as the ENGL Z-11
-• Poweramp Output 2 x 4 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms and 1 x 16 ohms for many speaker options
-• 100 Watts output power, 4 x 6L6GC power tubes
-•Four ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes